Park Hill South Senior Pictures – Josee

Josee’s shoot was a blast straight out the gate and she was a gem to work with! We found so many great spots for her shoot, like the random tree swing by the willow trees and stunning flowers by William Jewell. I also love the relationship Josee and her mom share and really enjoyed getting to know them. I hope you have an incredible senior year Josee and even though I’m a Mizzou girl, I know you will love KU! Andrea

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  • Greg - Great pictures

  • Sarah Sheldon - THESE ARE ALL PERFECT! Love you, Josee! God will surely bless your future!

  • - There is only one choice:  Choise them all!

  • Loree Gentry - So proud of you, Josee. Thank you, Andrea. These are beautiful!

  • Pearl Scurlock - Beautiful!!💕

  • Paula DeSantis - Good luck choosing…these are all SO great!! I really love this last one on the swing. 🙂 Love u Josee!

  • Vanessa - You know which one is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BUT they are ALL awesome!

  • delaney barnicle - so pretty!!!

  • Diana Dickerson - Ohh Josee!! Flashback of the sweet little girl on the swing in my backyard. 
    Now here you are, the sweet young lady in the swing. Soaring high, on your way to college.
    Love & Happy Days
    Diana D.
    PS you make all the pictures beautiful!!

  • Janna Sheldon - Absolutely beautiful! Great scenery and beautiful girl!

  • Paige - Love the pictures! Great job! 

  • Jen Whistler - Oh my goodness Josee!!  These are amazing pictures!  You are so gorgeous!!

  • Danine - Absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful example of “pretty is as pretty does”. Best wishes on your next journey, Josee! 

  • Jeff Lacy - Beautiful pictures! 

  • Mitsi - Brilliant and beautiful you are, Josee! You even make a KU tank top cute! 😉

  • Eric Gentry - Jos – You are so beautiful, both outside and in. I am incredibly proud of the young lady you’ve become. I love you! Daddy

  • Jan Dyer - Beautiful young lady! Awesome photos!

  • Lena - You look really pretty🙂

  • Autumnation - Gourgeas

  • Ki - WOW, great pictures

  • Kathy Poehlman - Every picture is so wonderful !!  I think you should get all them. !!

  • Abby - so pretty!

  • Billy - Bootyful 

  • Malak - So Cute! Looks like they were a lot of fun to take.

  • Tramea - I love all of them! 

  • Grandpa Bill - WOW All Great Pictures. You have come a long way baby. I will take one of each!