Kansas City senior pictures – Erin

I can’t get enough of Erin’s sun drenched session and especially love the covered bridge images! It was a blast running around Liberty for her shoot and fun seeing the relationship she shares with her little sister. I think these are a great reflection of her fun personality and the bright future she has! Have a great senior year Erin and thanks for a wonderful shoot, Andrea.

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  • Carol Wilson - Beautiful pictures! 

  • Candice - Wow…love the great combination of angles, settings, and black & whites photos. My beautiful niece looks absolutely breath taking!! 

  • Darren Hain - Wow!  Great pictures Erin & Andrea!

  • Angie Rivera - Absolutely stunning! Lovely setting as well.

  • Gregory Hain - Beautiful photos. Erin looks like a model. Can’t believe it is Grampas little sweetie 

  • Gregory Hain - Erin looks like a model. Can’t believe it is Grampas little sweetie 

  • Gregory Hain - Erin looks like a model. Can’t believe my little sweetie is a senior this year

  • Carter Sebasto - Beautiful pictures, but an even more beautiful person to pose for them. Great job Erin and Andrea!

  • Faith Shay - Oh my gosh you are so gorgeous 

  • Faith Shay - Oh my gosh you are so gorgeous !!!

  • madeline rivers - u look like a snack 

  • Sammie LeBlanc - Erin, you look amazing! 

  • shannon - so pretty!!

  • Madeline Belcher - You’re so pretty Erin omgggg

  • Hailey Lovetinsky - SO PRETTY!!!😍

  • Bella todd - You look so gorgeous Erin!!!

  • Jamie Oshel - Stunning! You look so beautiful!

  • Alexis rivers - Dang friend!!!

  • Alyssa - You looked beautiful in all of these Erin! It was great to be there to help you laugh and not look so awkward! I love you!

  • majesta.dixon329@gmail.com - ERIN YOU LOOK SO GOOD I CANT EVEN GET OVER IT 

  • Michelle - These are so beautiful! Darren, your little one has grown so fast!

  • Jenna Mills - What a beauty! Not sure how you will ever decide which images you like best. Enjoy your senior year!

  • Brandy Borsutzky - Oh my!!  You look so beautiful! 

  • Jana King - Amazing photos, love the variety. Erin your beautiful, have a great senior year!

  • Kari - Erin…..BEAUTIFUL!!!!!   Pics are amazing. 

  • Debbie Raymer - Wow!!!  Absolutely gorgeous!!!  Love all the pictures and the locations!!   Love my sweet niece….Erin is not only beautiful on the outside, but the inside as well!!!

  • Brittany - Gorgeous pictures!! I hope you have a great senior year Erin!

  • Linda Pitkin - Our beautiful niece Erin!  Love you in settings that show off how gorgeous you are! Hard to choose a favorite photo because so many are terrific!

  • Michelle Mcclain - Wow!!!  Great pictures!  Can’t believe how beautiful she is. Love the all the different backgrounds and emotions captured. 

  • Michelle Young - I picked out my favorite, it was hard as they all were picture perfect with this beautiful young lady . Erin

  • SueAnn Kuehl - Erin you look beautiful in this photo shoot.  I love how she captured your personality in the pictures.   Love them!

  • Scott K. - Awesome Pics!  Dad better get another shot gun to keep the boys away.. 🙂

  • Maureen - So beautiful!  

  • Gianna - So beautiful!

  • Brianna Hannon - You look so pretty in these Erin! Andrea did a really amazing job!